Випускники Третьої Школи Лідерів Змін, Бережани, 6 вересня 2015

About us

The project Leaders of Transformation School had started in June 2014 with the idea of its founders – Zbigniew Bujak, Galyna Usatenko and Nataliya Zubar – to organize discussions between the Euromaidan leaders and the leaders of new volunteer groups supporting the Ukrainian Army and to formulate the shared vision of the future of Ukraine. During the summer 2014, we organized 13 discussions in 11 oblast centers of Ukraine with identical agenda, involving 153 people into discussions. We found that no shared vision exists and most people are not able to speak about the future at all.

The idea of School evolved with our realization of the need to access the human potential of new civic activists deeply and help them to grow into new generation of responsible civic leaders with high social capital and deep personal trust between them.

Until May 1 2016, we organized 6 sessions of the school (each lasting from 1 to 5 days) for 183 leaders from 49 towns and villages of Ukraine.

Our alumni were efficiently helping each other during the local election in Ukraine in October 2015. Currently our alumni network unites deputies of local councils, workers of regional administrations and executive organs of local government bodies, NGO leaders. We are facilitating their networking via internet based social networking tools, real time consulting by trainers and engagement of alumni into other projects implemented by our NGOs and partners.

Project is operated by the NGOs Maidan Monitoring Information Center (15 years old) and Europe XXI Foundation (16 years old). Project accumulates funding from different sources (in chronological order) – International Renaissance Foundation (Soros Fund in Ukraine), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Checz Republic, British Embassy to Kyiv, Ukrainian businesses, in kind contributions of MMIC.

We involved 28 trainers from Ukraine, Poland and Checz Republic. We determine the topics of the schools and invite the trainers based on the feedback and analysis of experience of our students and dynamics of the schools.

We organized these schools so far:

1st – September 2014, Irpin, Kyiv oblast, center of Ukraine, 5 days – “The objective of social transformations”

2nd – April 2015, Berezhany, Ternopil oblast, western Ukraine, 5 days – “Promotion of your towns to outsiders”

3rd – September 2015, Berezhany, Ternopil oblast, western Ukraine, 3 days – “How to win local elections”

Special session in Kharkiv oblast, north-east Ukraine, 1 day – “How to win local elections” (for two locations near Kharkiv – Derkachi and Pisochyn, all participants of the session won the elections.)

4th – November 2015, Svyatogirsk, Donetsk oblast, eastern Ukraine, 5 days – “How to make your town attractive to investors?”

5th – Mariupol, Donetsk oblast, east-south Ukraine, 15-17 January 2015, 3 days – “Human security at the frontier”

Випускники четвертої школи. Святогірськ, 13 листопада 2015
Випускники четвертої школи. Святогірськ, 13 листопада 2015

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